Best of 2021

We've had some great artists join us and we've created a chart for 2021. We've seen a lot of great stuff this year, but we're sure we've missed some.

If there's anything featured here that you're not aware of, please check it out.


Q. What is your favorite music in 2021?

This year I have been mainly listening to music at home as events and gigs were still not happening regularly due to COVID, so not much "dancefloor" or "party" music this time... Here is my top 10 in no particular order.

- Raison d'Être - Daemonum - Cyclic Law

- Treha Sektori - Rejet - Norma Evangelium Diaboli

- Lamia Vox - Alles Ist Ufer. Ewig Ruft Das Meer - Cyclic Law

- Sonic Area - Ki - Ant-Zen

- Ibukun Sunday - The Last Wave - Phantom Limb

- [KRTM] - It Will Make The World A Better Place - ARTS

- Lustmord - Alter - Pelagic

- Carbon Based Lifeforms - Stochastic - Leftfield

- Osi And The Jupiter - Stave - Eisenwald

- African Imperial Wizard - BeHanZin - Tesco

Q. What is your favorite Movie, Book, Game, etc for 2021?

That was a pretty good year for TV shows - really liked watching Succession, It's A Sin, The White Lotus, Mare Of Easttown, Midnight Mass the most. I've been collecting a lot of books too, mainly old ones about music. About movies, I really think about The Last Duel, Benedetta, Possessor, The Vigil and The Painter and the Thief.

Q. What was your most memorable experience in 2021?

With the lack of gigs and travels, my main best experiences were on the projects side. I'm really happy about all the projects I've done or started this year including collabs, records, and some new things that will be launched next year. The main big thing was getting signed on PRSPCT for a first record done with Dep Affect and being part of the PRSPCT agency roster !

Q. What was 2021 like for you?

The year was again a pretty strange one, but I think it was a good one, even with all these problems. I took care of my mind and body, I launched new projects that will be long time projects, I also released a track one of my all time favorite Hardcore label Epiteth (Laurent Ho's label) under a new alias (Full Dark No Stars). And I spent a lot of time in the studio. So expect a lot new music next year !

Q. What do you want 2022 to be?

I really hope that events, gigs and festivals will be back for good, and that travels will be also more possible. I also want to play events in both Techno/Rave and Hardcore scenes. I really can't wait for the new records to be released too.. So, fingers crossed for less COVID and more LIFE !

Aura T-09 (Evar Records)

Q. What is your favorite music in 2021?

I have discovered some incredible artists recently and we actually are lucky enough to be able to put them out on Evar either this year or early 2023. Artists such as UVCORE and XL Order are making really interesting hybrid musics that satisfy but also don’t feel formulaic or confined by and bounds of a particular genre which is of course our favorite thing! Been also really enjoying more melodic music that feels very deep and emotive and tracey in spirit with out the tropes of straight trance! (Not that im against trance tropes, i actually love anything gated whatsoever but still interesting when a sound can express a. Similar feeling by a different means, that’s always of great interest to me)

We put a lot of our top tracks on our Spotify playlist called Mix It Up so that is basically like our top 100 of the last year! (at least the ones that can be found on Spotify, which of course we have very mixed feelings about but on the positive side its widely available an a great way to get people started on looking for more underground stuff especially if they know they are missing out!)

Q. What is your favorite Movie, Book, Game, etc for 2021?

Well my favorite game is Dice 10,000 but its actually a special version of the game developed by Nicky Beat from the old LA punk band The Germs/ The Weirdos and we play that regularly and teach it to all our new friends. We taught it to Kilbourne when she came for a party we threw in LA in 2019 but is a big fan now and we play it whenever we link up :) As far as films I’m not up on anything new… Tbh I usually only watch movies made before ~1945 and recently i have been enjoying movies from even earlier in the late 1920s. I’ve really been doing a deep dive on what film buffs call pre-code movies that appeared just after the silent movies and before the Hollywood hayes code of 1934 they have a very special energy and its interesting to see how the craft developed in its early years. Books i steer clear of, im basically blind with out my hard contacts and im 100% a auditory learner so I usually listen to books on audio or podcast series. But i love learning and im interested in health and technology so I mostly listen to biology centered science books it really lights up brain in a special way.

Q. What was your most memorable experience in 2021?

Our showcase in New York at Bossa Nova was a really memorable one. It was a brief moment when we seemed to be free from the difficulties of the pandemic, when people seemed less afraid and very happy to join together and have a cathartic experience. It also felt good to be introducing the label to people in other places in physical space, it felt like we were really able to build those connections and make an impression.

Q. What was 2021 like for you?

2021 was a whirlwind it was like time slowed down to a lovely pace in 2021 only to just sling shot forward through 2021. I don’t even understand how it happened? We made our new label public and put out 8 releases in about 8 months, did a new york showcase curated a room for Rhonda one of LA’s classic parties B and so much more! It flew by!!

Q. What do you want 2022 to be?

I want it to be a year focused on production and exploring new ideas in the studio. I have a plan to change up my creative process where i essentially make samples for myself by recording vocals and melodies and breaks away from the actual instance of making a song so that the elements which are in essence all me end up feeling more like samples. And i hope this year B bring both solitary production and a wide variety of fun expressive collaborations! 


Q. What is your favorite music in 2021?

Favourite ep's & tracks:

No Nation & Sheba Q - Seasonal Grief / Mother Of Mars

Refreshers - Way U Smile

Tim Reaper - Teletext EP

Artificial Red - Mystics / Behind Her Eyes

Ryan James Ford - Kaki

Sully - 5ives / Sliding

The Natural Yogurt Band - 57 Lashes Of The Mallet / Mysterious Planet

Coco Bryce -Cloud Busting / Octopus

Coco Bryce / Tommy The Cat - Coco & The Cat Return

K-Super - Radios & Tunnels

Baby Ears - Dupont

Cold Leader - The Infinite WGL

Parallel Action feat. WondRWomN - Connect The Dots

4AM Kru - Good Time EP

Favourite Albums:

Om Unit - Acid Dub Studies

The Humble Bee - A Miscellany For The Quiet Hours

NCY Milky Band - Burn'IN

Again Saudade - Again Saudade

Other Lands - Sounds For Isolated Souls

Various - Message From The Parazone

Ryan James Ford - Exshaw

Offensive Defiant Disorder - Offensive Defiant Disorder

Neptunian Maximalism – Solar Drone Ceremony

Eusebeia - The Sun, The Moon + The Truth

Q. What is your favorite Movie, Book, Game, etc for 2021?

Haven't seen much new movies this year mainly been watching oldies and same counts for books too. But here's 2 movies I really enjoyed this year:

The Sparks Brothers


Q. What was your most memorable experience in 2021?

Traveling with my son for the 1st time. He is obsessed by the Eurostar train (since he was about 2 years old) so we surprised him with a trip to London. He couldn't be happier. Even with all the travel restrictions, paperwork and other bullshit this was a moment of light in a mainly meh year.

Q. What was 2021 like for you?

Musically great, many great releases and lots of inspiration but the lack of traveling and doing/seeing gigs and almost only being allowed to work made it quite boring. Luckily family, friends, music and running the label kept me sane!

Q. What do you want 2022 to be?

I am afraid it will be more of the same but hopefully we all can come out of this dystopian nightmare and that there will be freedom again for everyone + more gigs, more live music and more hanging out with friends. + I also hope pressingplants will press more indie releases this year after Adele clogging up all plants!!


Q. What is your favorite music in 2021?

Oh golly, that’s always hard. Let’s try 3 albums, 3 tracks

DJ Mad Dog - Downtempo

Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

Celsius - Y5

Croation Amor, Scandinavian Star, Alto Aria - Magnolia

DJ Danny - Where Are You Now

If I Die First, SeeYouSpaceCowboy… - bloodstainedeyes

Q. What is your favorite Movie, Book, Game, etc for 2021?

Movie: Fast & Furious 9 + The Green Knight + The Matrix Resurrections

Book: Detransition, Baby + The 3 Body Problem + Snow Crash

Game: I didn’t game enough this year to know ]: I just bought Control I am pretty psyched to try it

Q. What was your most memorable experience in 2021?

It felt really good to tour again. I had an amazing time at Nature Loves Courage in Crete swimming in the crystal water and raving til my body ached, and got my brain melted shortly after by the one n only Wixapol.

Q. What was 2021 like for you?

Reasonably productive, sometimes isolating but I was so grateful for the reopening of social life here in the US. I released two EPs and wrote a third one, my band Trophy Hunt recorded an LP, I did a lil hiking and went in the ocean a lot. I wish I’d gone outside more and used my phone less.

Q. What do you want 2022 to be?

I wanna not think about the scamdemic as often, I want to play some big boy festivals, and I wanna find ways to make music and design sounds without thinking about what’s “right” or “expected.” I hope people like my Cathedrals EP for PRSPCT. I think these next two records are gonna slam.


Q. What is your favorite music in 2021?

This is a loaded question as I am constantly discovering and digging.

but some things that came out this year that come straight to my head are

KAVARI - Healing Sprit

Fellwinter - Loyalty, Honor, Darkness

Kilbourne - Seismic

Casper McFadden - ppp parasites eve (a collection of songs)

O.Xander - Advanced Everything

Greysleeve - Songs of Melancholy

Slikback - ARATTA

just to name a few

Q. What is your favorite Movie, Book, Game, etc for 2021?

Movie - I discovered "LA HAINE '' which was interesting for me because my girlfriend (from France) gave me more cultural context and back story.

Book - Everytime I pick up a book I rarely can focus or finish.

The Gabber Eleganza Archive book was amazing(it's all visuals) and I started but didn't finish " state of bass - the origins of jungle & drum and bass". It was great from what I read, I need to finish that.

Games - My Favorite game ever is NFL street and skyrim. I sold my game systems to focus more on music.

so i played UNO the card game a lot.

Q. What was your most memorable experience in 2021?

Can't choose one

Recording the New Jesus piece record. The process and execution on my part was extremely new and challenging, I'm very satisfied.

Visiting Puerto Rico

Making time to work on music and making a release I'm proud of. ( out on 99cts records soon)

Collecting Tapes and learning the value of buying music from artists and labels you love/admire

Q. What was 2021 like for you?

It was positive

I pushed myself so much

focused a lot on exploring music

Put out my first ever lu2k release

recorded a new record for jesus piece

I learned teamwork and patience

gave and received so much love

I learned to be more open and receptive to what life can offer.

Q. What do you want 2022 to be?

It will be exactly how it's supposed to whatever happens I will make it work and roll with it.

Hoping for more music and playing more shows.

would love for the world to be normal and travel again.

Japan i hope - XOXO

Otherwise I'll continue no matter the case.

No steps backward, only forward.

Rudi Ratte (PRSPCT)

Q. What is your favorite music in 2021?

Top 5 Sets I heard live this year

Manu Le Malin @ Extrema


Collision b2b Stefan Zmk @ Prspct Radio

Kilbourne @ Thunderstorm IV

Crystal Distortion @ PRSPCT HQ Afterpart

TOP 5 Albums / Mixes I listened to this year:

The Braindance Coincidence - Reflex Records

Autecher - Chiastic Slide

Pinch & Shackelton - Pinch & Shackelton

Turn Up The Bass - Houseparty 10

Kern, Vol. 5: Mixed by Helena Hauff

Top 5 Tracks I played in my DJ Sets:

Heisa - Tangent (Forthcoming PRSPCT Recordings)

Squarepusher - Snake Passs (Warp Records)

Thanos Hana - Spider On Wheels (Tar Hallow)

2 Bad Mice - Bombscare (Moving Shadow)

Mono Anime - The Illusion Of Freedom (Violent Cases)

Q. What is your favorite Movie, Book, Game, etc for 2021?

Top 3 Movies / Series I watched in 2021


Rosmary’s Baby

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

Top 3 Games I played in 2021

The Lord Of The Rings - Shadow Of War

PGA Pro Tour 2k21

The Long Dark

Q. What was your most memorable experience in 2021?

Hospiz Festival in September in SouthTyrol, countless PRSPCT office parties and Max Verstappen winning the Formula 1 World Championship.

Q. What was 2021 like for you?

2021 was a Year full of up and downs but that made me also remember what I really miss in these times.

Q. What do you want 2022 to be?

In 2022 I hope to have again more moment of pleasant surprises.

Umegatani Yuta (Murder Channel)

Q. What is your favorite music in 2021?

The following are the most listened to albums/EP this year outside of my label. I chose only those released in 2021.(Of course, there are still good releases out there!)

Thanks and respect to all the artists, labels and people involved.

G36 Vs JK Flesh - Disintegration Dubs (Pressure)

Deafheaven - Infinite Granite (Sargent House)


Drumcorps - Better Days

V.A. - Now Thing 2 (Chrome)

Tripped – Drop Stuff (Hong Kong Violence)


Whitehouse - Dedicated To Peter Kurten(Remastered) (Susan Lawly)

The Outside Agency - The Hardcore Party EP (PRSPCT)

The Bug – Fire (Ninja Tune)

Duburban / FFF - Back For More EP (3AM Eternal)

JUBEE - Mess feat. HIYADAM (Manhattan Records)

Kilbourne – Seismic (Evar Records)

Mick Harris - HedNod Six

Shackleton - Departing Like Rivers


14Anger & Dep Affect ‎– Blood Shower (Totentanz Recordings)

N-Vitral - Hardcore Power (MASTERS OF HARDCORE)

Coco Bryce - Sound Dimensions EP (PRSPCT)

DJIPE – Prism (The Third Movement)

SHERELLE - fabric presents SHERELLE (fabric Records)

Ben Pest - Actual F Vol. 1 (SLUG WIFE)

Lu2k - ODDWORLD.1999 (Hangman Satellite)


Limewax – Untitled (Evar Records)

Q. What is your favorite Movie, Book, Game, etc for 2021?

Lords of Chaos (Movie)


Eternals (Movie)

Suicide Squad 2 (Movie)

GENESIS P-ORRIDGE memorial program "GURU of TOPY" Industrial Guru's Ascension (DOMMUNE)

UNTOLD Vol 1: Malice at the Palace (Documentary)

Archivio #1 – Records store ads and paper ephemera from Rave fanzines of the early 90s (Book)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN (Anime)

Q. What was your most memorable experience in 2021?

I finally got my book published. I sorted through my records, listened to them again, bought more records, collected materials from all over the world, and even went to the Library of Congress. It took a lot of time and money, but it gave me a really good experience.

and I got to hear Dub and Stepper/Reggae on my town's sound system again this year. (With a selection by Mr Coji of Mighty Crown!)

It is truly unfortunate that some of our great Jamaican predecessors passed away this year. I feel that their music has always had a positive influence on us, and it has made me realize once again that Dub is an important part of my musical roots. Thank you and respect to all our predecessors.

Q. What was 2021 like for you?

The months have gone by really fast. It feels like it's only been about 7 months.

I had a lot of experiences and learned a lot this year. But...In terms of my life, there was little change every day. I hope to be more active next year.

Q. What do you want 2022 to be?

Personally, I want to get a motorcycle license to expand my range of activities. And I want to know more Indian restaurants! I want to be able to support my friends, family and relatives more.

When it comes to music, I want to ignore genres and territories and work together. I think we can do more. It would be great if we could all share our knowledge, ideas, and skills to make something good.


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